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Keep fit by Roberto Carlon
The magic circle by Lidia Borella

"Sport and Inclusion for an Healthy Lifestyle - SI Health" is a transnational youth initiative whose main aim is to promote healthy behaviors for all in an inclusive perspective of sport. 

The results of the last survey by the Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical activity, reports that the 59% of the European citizens declared to never practice physical exercise or sport or practice it just a little compared to the 41% who does physical exercise at least once a week. Physical inactivity is even greater among people with disabilities, who faces obstacles in the access to quality physical activity and sporting opportunities, poor physical education provisions, lack of information on the available services and programmes, lack of experience of the benefits of physical activity. 

There are such high percentages despite it is well known that a regular physical exercise, even of moderate intensity,  helps to improve all aspects of quality of life having a positive effects on physical and mental health and on the development of social abilities and soft skills. Sport is an effective means to facilitate social integration, it can bridge cultural difficulties and pave the way to employment.  Participation in sport with diverse others can overcome prejudice and discrimination and can play a role in achieving an inclusive society. Through sport people learn the tenets of fair play, teamwork and solidarity.

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